Sweet Little Things Tea Room & Bakery, Bath

Date visited: Monday 9th March 2020

A steak open sandwich with onion chutney and salad, quite sweet and also very filling.

Sweet Little Things seems to be best known for its incredibly floral interior. The decorations on its cakes can be equally elaborate. Alas it has a drinks menu in which both alcoholic drinks and coffee feature much more extensively than tea, never a good sign for a tea room. However, in all other respects, the menu is quite extensive, with a brunch section (served all day), a lunch section (served from midday), and an afternoon tea section (also served from midday), along with a range of cakes, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. There are also vegan and gluten-free options available throughout the menu.

The flower display in the ground floor tea room. There are far more flowers in the basement tea room.

There are two rooms for those taking tea, one at ground floor and another in the basement where most of the flowers will be found, as well as outside tables. The ground floor room is quite cramped, with quite a few tables in a small space. Fortunately, there is full table service, so those taking tea don’t have to negotiate the narrow space between tables except at their arrival and departure.

A slice of red velvet cake and a cup of green tea.

A steak open sandwich with onion chutney and salad, a slice of red velvet cake, and a cup of green tea, for £15.70. As is often the case in Bath, prices are rather higher than in the surrounding area – particularly a single cup of tea at £2.70 – but they appear to have no difficulty filling the tables, even on a Monday afternoon.

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